Ok, working at a fast food place ain't the greatest job in the world but it's a job and it can help pay the bills. Most of us, at one time or another, have dawned the hat or apron of a major fast food chain - I worked at Taco Bell for a time in my teens.

Upon ready this, I was stunned but then again were they looking for a reason to get of a problem employee or was it a case of the "Sprinkle Nazi".

Sarah Finch, 19, was fired from her gig at a McDonald's due to "gross misconduct" after giving a fellow employee "too many chocolate sprinkles" on a 99 cent McFlurry. Her boss claimed she "sold food without payment."

In a prepared statement released to the press, Sarah had this to say: ""The matter was trivial, in that I provided a fellow employee, who was purchasing a dessert, a generous sprinkling of chocolate pieces. There is no standard for such measures - they are always imprecise and will vary among customers. My colleague had asked me, 'Make it a nice one'. So the measure I gave erred on the side of more than, rather than less than, the mean."

As I would have hoped so, Sarah took the company to an employment tribunal and her case settled out of court where she received close to $4000. (Sarah made roughly $240 a week over 18 months of employment.)

McDonald's would been seen to have no liability whatsoever in reference to the case with the settlement and would have to give Sarah a positive reference in the future to potential employers that may call.