There is about to be a change to the menus at McDonald's, and as a lover of Big Macs, I'm cringing already.  The powers that be at The Golden Arches will be adding the calorie counts to the menus.

Starting Monday, McDonald's restaurants will now be adding calorie counts on their menus.  The nutrition info is posted on their website, but let's be honest - you're not looking at the website on your phone when you stroll in to pick up a double cheeseburger are you.  I'm not.

Yes, I have seen Super Size Me, but I don't eat at McDonald's three times a day for a month straight.  However, I do like me a cheeseburger or chicken wrap.  Deep inside, you know you can't say no when you smell those fries either.  Sadly, I may think twice about the burger and hit up more wraps or salads if I see the caloric intake that lies head of me. Let's see what Monte would consume tonight according to the website:

One Big Mac: 550 calories, 260 calories from fat.

Large French Fries: 500 calories, 220 from fat.

One Baked Hot Apple Pie: 250 calories, 110 from fat.

One Chocolate McCafe Shake 16 Fl Oz: 710 calories, 190 from fat.

One bottle of water: My saving grace

2,010 calories with 780 being from fat.  A tad over the recommended 2,000 calorie day.  Le sigh.  Maybe if I get the small fries?

Not sure how I feel about the calories being added to the menu.  What do you think, will this steer you to more chicken wraps or will you just eat the smaller fries like me?