Las Vegas, Nevada rock quartet Escape the Fate have just released the official music video for their hit single "Gorgeous Nightmare," which is off their newest, self-titled album which debuted last November. The band were in town just a few weeks ago with headliners Papa Roach and put on a great show, and now there's a video for fans to put with the catchy song. Watch it after the jump.

The video is actually really sick- right up my alley. It really seems like a "gorgeous nightmare," as the band are in a creepy, dark old building with a bunch of strange and macabre presences, and they are faced with each of the seven deadly sins, each being performed by more strangers. The video goes between the plot and what's happening as well as the band performing the song. It's really cool and even if you're not a fan you should check this video out.

What did you think of the video? Are you an ETF fan?