It will be tomorrow that we play Dumber Than Zane trivia, not Thursday.  The prize is worth $2,800. However Zane won, so on Thursday 3/17 it will be worth $3200!

The guys are going to be off on Thursday and Friday so that means we play Dumber Than Zane a little early.  Your chance will be on Wednesday morning this week.  So make sure you study up on useless trivia tonight so that you're ready to go coem game time tomorrow.  Zane is on quit a roll seeing as the pot is up to $2,800.  That is a whole lot of cash and if he continues his success we will see it hit over $3,000 once again.

I am pulling for Zane because I like when the stakes are a little bit higher, but it's a 50/50 shot every week.  Zane isn't the brightest bulb but chances are the contestant is going to be a mouth breathing window licker who won't stand a chance.  So make sure you're tuned in tomorrow morning around8:30am for your chance to play.  Dumber Than Zane trivia presented by Cat Footwear, right here on Q103.