A Chemside, Australia church has done something most churches would never think to do - take a "pro" stand on gay people and gay marriage by telling Christians to "Get Over" it.

The sign gained much Internet attention once the All Saints Anglican Church Chermside posted a picture of the sign on their Facebook page. The sign was displayed last month reading to the busy street near it:

Dear Christians, some ppl (sic) are gay, get over it. Love God

Some are, of course, condemning the sign saying they are going against the words of God. Others, however, are praising the sign with such Facebook comments as:

Great job!

Well done, wish there were more churches like this.

Reverend Julie Woolner was joyed at the positive feedback and sharing of the post

What a day! I have been overwhelmed with wonderful experiences of sharing because of this sign

This is the second Anglican Church in Australia to have posted such a sign. Earlier this year, St. Johns Anglican Church saying:

Jesus had two Dads and he turned out just fine