From Hymns to Hops! I could get down with some beers in an old church ... if I don't burst into flames on my way in that is.

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Brothers Louis and Robert Emory are in the process of trying to purchase the Mount Ida Community Baptist Church so that they can turn it into a new brewery!

The brothers plan to turn the old church on the corner of Congress Street and Brunswick Avenue into Collar City Brewing where they will serve up some delicious "ales, lagers, wee heavies, and some pretty unique stuff" among the pews and stained glass windows.

It's actually a pretty cool idea and I mean people were already once congregating there and hopefully soon they will be able to do so with a locally brewed craft beverage in their hand!

While the sale of the building is not final yet once it is the brothers have some serious work on their hands however, they do plan on keeping some things in place like "the stained glass windows, the organ, the bell tower, and possibly the pews". According to WNYT the brothers hope to start construction this summer and open sometime next year.

What do you think? Could you get down with some adult bevey's in an old church?