This is the one cool thing that isnt mountains or maple syrup that Vermont has...INDOOR WATER PARK! The red slide goes 45MPH!

Best College dorm EVER! I think we may have solved the low high school graduation rate issue in America. If the incentive for graduating and getting into college is you get to live in a water park I guarantee every child will work their butts off.

Capital University in Columbus, OH has over booked on campus students and solved the issue with a brilliant plan. Around 30 students will get to live in suits on the Fort Rapids hotel and indoor water park about 5 miles away from campus.

“We're trying to make it as fun and as safe and engaging for the students as we can while they're there,” said Nichole Johnson, a Capital University spokeswoman… When you look at what your options are, you can either increase the number of beds that you put in each residential space, or you can convert some storage spaces or some student lounges into temporary housing,” -10tv

Or option Slide: send some lucky students to live their child hood dreams out every waking min. these students are absolutely doomed. I barely made it through college because my roommate had an X box 360 and Halo. These kids have a hotel suite and an all access pass to a kick ass water park. Good luck getting to class when you know the big super soaker bucket is about to tip in less then 2 minutes.

PS: Not sure how they determined which students get to live in these hotel rooms but i certainly hope it was a campus wide cannonball contest.