When think of great jobs that would be awesome, what comes to mind? Video game tester maybe? UK travel firm First Choice has the ultimate job for the kid in all of us, water-slide tester.

The person who gets this "dream" job would travel all over the UK and Africa testing water-slides for the company's "Splashworld" parks and rating the slides.

According to the listing ""Had your fill of 9 to 5? After a job that's a little less 'yawn' and a little more 'yeeaaahhh'? Well, we've got something that'll be right up your street. It's a job where 'going to work' means donning your swimming gear and hurtling down water-slides  Yep, we're looking for a Slide Tester who'll test our water parks for a living."

After sifting through all the applications, a "final five" will be selected to compete at a Splashworld park for the job. No word on what the competition will be, but tell me that doesn't sound like the World's Greatest Job.

Think you could get bored doing it though? The listing also says "no two days will be the same, as you report back with your slide ratings and come up with new ideas for our customers".

Check out the video below