Is it me or is Canada always trying to steal out thunder?  We gain Independence on the 4th of July so they have to go and do it 3 days earlier?  Sounds like someone is starving for attention.

So today just so happens to be Canada Day.  The day that Canada celebrates their Independence from British rule, a bond they broke in 1867.  It is very much the same as our 4th of July that we will be celebrating on Monday.

Now I don't really have much against Canada except for the fact that they keep trying to steal all our sports.  Someone should tell them that if they want to watch real football they just need to go over the boarder to Buffalo.  The Bills may not be so hot right now, but it's better than the god awful Canadian football league. Just stick with Hockey, and we are even better than you at that!

I think that Canada really wishes they were us.  It's no coincidence that they are sometimes referred to as "America Jr".  Lets face it, besides being able to drink at 18, Canada is basically a glorified north pole.  A country filled with Eskimos and Polar Bears is no match for the red white and blue! In another attempt to one up us, they go and gain independence on the first of July?  No wonder they called it Canada Day, the first 1st of July just sounds lame.

Nice try Canada, but you are still just the hat that keeps our great country warm.  In all seriousness, if you're Canadian then go enjoy your day.  Also keep your calendars open for "Quatro de Mayo" and "Super Fat Wednesday".  I mean no one steals a Holiday like Canada, eh?