I dig this guy’s swagger, I’m going to jump on board and write my own book. I’ll pretend to be a lamp for a year. Keep a look out for my new book “Hands Turn Me On”.

You are calling it “coming out: the experiment”. Experiment? Really?

After seeing this story on MSNBC I’ve determined this dude is seriously a cock sucker, and not in a good way. Does he really think going to discos and drinking lattes is going to make him feel the pressure and confusion a real gay person feels.

He claims he’s straight and could only go as far as he could to understand how a gay person lives. What’s that mean? Did he dress nicer, start wearing cologne keep his apartment neat? That’s not called being gay, that’s called being obsessive compulsive. Why not go the whole nine yards with this fatty! Write about the night you clinched your teeth as your face was mashed into a stranger’s couch pillow or how the football team kicked your ass in the locker room because you like cold play.

I commend you for trying to help swing the mind of a bunch of hillbilly homophobic begets in the world, but I don’t believe plucking your eye brows and watching glee is the most effective way. Maybe just speak up as a straight male and say the people of your religion are wrong, or how about using that giant body of yours to belly flop on any jerk holes who disagree.