You mean to tell me that the small town of Semmes, AL was not receptive to the idea of an all-gay black dance team? Shocking! This is about as surprising as that old dude from "Duck Dynasty" speaking his narrow, back-wooded mind.

Going to Alabama is like traveling back in time. And not traveling back in time in a good way, like to build up your dad’s confidence so he’ll work up the courage to kiss your mother at the enchantment under the sea dance right after she tries to put the moves on you in the parking lot.

No, this is some back woods, we don’t take kindly to people who are different around here type stuff. Nine out of 10 homes are still running on a dial-up modem, so that should tell you something about the progression of the community.

This mother in the video who was appalled by these delightful young lady-like man-dancers is hilarious. There was simply nothing shocking about their dancing. The only things that were appalling were 1: the fact that there were more people in the parade than watching it and 2: that front dancer’s belly. He should have covered that up at least. I can at least agree with you on that.

Grow up Semmes, Alabama.