AT&T announced the other day that anyone who wants to use Apple's Facetime video chat app over 3G or 4G had to be on their new shared data plans. Customers started saying that violated the FCC's Net Neutrality rules. AT&T's Public Policy Blog then posted a response saying they weren't. After 194 comments on that blog, not one was positive.

Yeah, 194 comments doesn't really gauge the overall feelings of the customers out there. But it really does show AT&T that there really isn't a lot of customers that like these new plans. Many of the comments throw out the usual "I'm going to switch" threat when my contract is up. One person said he would even pay the early termination fee just to get away from AT&T. That right there says something about what customers think.

Also, while AT&T may not be technically violating the FCC's rules about Net Neutrality with this new policy, it is blatantly saying "Neener Neener" to them, and in turn, in my opinion, bending the customer over and doing something best left unsaid in front of a family of cute kittens. In plain terms, the customer is getting a bad deal, on average paying more for data and getting little if anything at all in return.

So what can AT&T customers do? Well, not be AT&T customers anymore. They can switch to another carrier and show how they feel with their wallet. But Verizon, their main competition, now only offers shared mobile data plans. And Sprint and T-Mobile are smaller and customers may find them lacking compared to the big 2. But in comparison, they seem like a damn sight better. Will people really jump ship to Sprint or T-mobile? Let's pop some popcorn and sit back and see.