It's time once again to face-off against the Q-Tease in a battle of wits.  Take the red pill and learn the truth about what to expect Wednesday night.

Step 1. Get to Dublin's Restaurant and Lounge this Wednesday at 7pm.
Step 2. Enjoy food, beer, and hot women.
Step 3. Crush said women in a game of trivia.
Step 4. Win prizes.
Step 5. Gloat.

Follow these simple instructions and restore your pride.  The path to proving you're not a dumbass begins this Wednesday from 7-9p at Dublin's Restaurant & Lounge in Troy (121 4th Street to be exact).  Get there early, find a cozy spot to settle into, and don't forget to bring your cheat-sheet because you're going to need all the help you can get.  The Q-Tease aren't as dumb as they look, but you just might be.  Don't worry, I'm on your side and here to help YOU defeat the dark forces.

Who's been Saturday Night Live's most frequent host? - Steve Martin
All the funny people were too busy.

True or false: Kurt Cobain died in the state of Ohio - False: He died in Washington.
Any self-respecting grunge child of the 90's should know this one. If you don't, take off the Smiley t-shirt; you didn't earn it (this includes anyone born after '94 that wears them).

What is the only domesticated animal not mentioned in the Bible? - A Cat
They were too busy being worshipped in Egypt to deal with any silly Bible nonsense.

In 1928 who registered Mickey Mouse as a trademark? - Walt Disney
Another question with an answer that's embedded in the DNA before birth. You may be banned from the parks for life if you get it wrong though.
Godspeed, cheaters! I can only do so much for you; the rest of it is in your hands. Don't let me down.