If you have such anger issues that you have to destroy something, then this might be the venting therapy for you. This business of “the Anger Room” allows people under stress to pay and destroy things in a room. Which may at first sound like a good idea but I see it as silly. Sure I might get frustrated at the fax machine at work and want to gangster kick it like in the movie office space. And this Anger room allows me to actually kick a fax machine. However, its not the fax machine that pissed me off. I’m going to pay money to kill some innocent fax machine that never did anyone any wrong? And what, they bastard fax machine at work gets off scot free? I don’t think so! Once I destroy the fax machine in the Anger Room and I realize I just forked up money to do absolutely nothing, I’m going to be angrier then ever! And I might just take it out on the fax machine at work.