To make an omelet you need to crack a few eggs. In this case the eggs are buildings and we’re not cracking them, we are tearing their ass to the ground! Boom!

City officials have found seven buildings in downtown Albany to be depreciated enough that they need to come down. If you happen to live on Lexington Avenue anywhere between the address of 56 to 68 on the east side of the road, you may want to consider shopping around for a new home. The string of seven buildings has seen better days and is coming down Monday morning.

When I was in architect school we had an old saying that people still use today. My teacher would always say “if the structure now resembles that of Amanda Bynes’ vagina, then you must tear it down”. And having driven past these Lexington avenue buildings I can say I am pleased to have them torn down and replaced with something that looks a bit more like the vagina of Felicity Jones. You know, something a little more fresh and new looking.