It’s that time of year again when your ears will be bombarded with the soothing sounds of annoying Christmas songs. Why not put a fresh new spin on some old classics and change things up? The game is “add a word, ruin a Christmas song.” The rules are simple: you take the title of a classic Christmas song, insert one word to change the meaning of the song completely. Below are some examples I have come up with. They’re not all winners but I think for the most part they get the point across.

  1. I Saw Mommy Tongue Kissing Santa Claus
  2. Jingle Bell Crack Rock
  3. Snoopy's Christmas Massacre
  4. White Supremacy Christmas
  5. Illegitimate Santa Baby
  6. Give Love Lava on Christmas Day
  7. Gee I Whiz, It's Christmas
  8. Silver Taco Bells
  9. Santa Claus Is Watching You shower
  10. Baby's First Christmas workday
  11. Grandma Got Run Over Repeatedly By A Reindeer

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