Are you looking for a cool gift that doesn't break the bank? Then you want to look at a Roku LT streaming media player. It's not a full featured as it's big brother, but it still can stream Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Video plus a dozen or so more. But it does lack a few things, but nothing that I think of as a deal breaker. 

It doesn't do 1080p, but 720p is still nothing to sneeze at. It also doesn't have ethernet, just WiFi, and also doesn't play your own video content. But with a long list of  online content you can stream, it just about makes up for that. But for some reason, Roku put it in a purple case. Not my color, but I could live with it. Also there is no way to hook up external storage, but since it doesn't really do your own personal media, I can understand why it's not there.

The Roku LT uses HDMI, and has a mini connecter for a breakout cable to handle older TVs. I like this simply for the fact, that there are still many older TVs out there kicking around. Setup in general is also easy to do, as well as the interface. And the remote is just as easy to operate too. All round this little box is a great "cable" cutter" if you want to ditch the TV part of cable. It's simple to oerate and offers a ton of online content. Well worth the $50.