There is no doubt that the Kinect for the XBox is one of the best game innovations for consoles in a long time. It's also become a popular little toy for hackers to play with to get it to work in different ways. But one of the shortcomings for the Kinect, is how much space you need in your room to use it. Walk through a Best Buy display and you'll see.  The Nyko Zoom, helps out people with space constraints.

It's basically, a set of lenses you snap on the front of the Kinect's cameras, and they help to widen the view of the Kinect for small living areas that don't have the space in the room the Kinect needs. Those wide angle lens give the Kinect a much wider field of view allowing the players to stand closer to the screen. While it may not be as enjoyable, obviously, to stand closer to the screen when playing a game, It does make it possible for people with smaller gaming areas to get and enjoy some of the cool games available.

It's a pretty neat accessory and it retails for $30, but you can do a little looking online and maybe find it a little cheaper. This would be a great stocking stuffer for the gamer on the Christmas list.

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