Hear The Phone Call With Las Vegas Resident, Brice:

When it comes to online dating it’s suppose to be safer than going out to the random bar. However this woman soon found her experience was quite the opposite.

ABC NEWS reports that Mary Kay Beckman is suing Match.com LLC in Clark County Court, for "negligence, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive trade, failure to warn, and negligent infliction of emotional distress". A man Beckman met through their dating site hid in her garage and stabbed her 10 times and then kicked her in the head. Beckman says Match.com does not go far enough into warning people about the potential dangers of online dating and wants $1 Million for each stab wound she suffered.

I talk with a Las Vegas resident who says Mary Kay Beckman might be Overreacting. Brice of Las Vegas claims that this kind of behavior is not uncommon amongst love birds in the Las Vegas area. He explained to me that this is no more than a grown up version of pulling a girl’s hair in your 3rd grade class to show her that you “like like” her. Do I agree with everything Brice says? Not exactly how ever I’m not positive Match.com is the one to blame in this situation.