This Saturday, it's Oktobeerfest at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds with over 27 different German and fall craft beers. This is the perfect time to expand your pallet of beer favorites by sampling them all.

Now, of course, some people have their preferences and refuse to shy away from them for any reason. Those people are sometimes referred to as "beer snobs." Does that mean they are snobs in bed?

What does your favorite style of beer say about your sex life?

The online dating service ZOOKS recently asked 2,800 (single) beer drinkers about their sex life and dating habits.

Here's what they found:


  • Domestic Beer

    Fans of this beer are more likely to actually marry and are more traditional. Don't expect any PDA out of them as they tend to not like that sorta thing.

    They also prefer dinner and a movie on the first date over anything else.

  • Microbrews

    These are the more "one night stand" kind of beer fans.

    Seventy four percent said they've had at least one "one night stand" while 54 percent said they, in a perfect world, would have sex every single day.

  • Imports

    These folks are most likely virgins. Four percent of respondents who drink imports were. They are also more likely to be more introverted; preferring dogs to cats.

  • Light Beer

    These beer fans are a little more open minded; they are more willing (94 percent) to date someone who has a kid or kids. Sixty four percent are more commonly found spending time with family and friends on the weekend versus going out.

  • Ultra-Light Beer

    These are more (self-proclaimed) homebodies who like a quite "romantic" evening. They also have the highest percentage of long-term relationships (75 percentage).