Apparently being a famous and overly-talented tattoo artist, business owner, author, television star and cosmetics line owner aren't enough for LA Ink star Kat von D. She is now going to become a singer, as her debut album is currently in the recording stage. Do you think she has enough skill left to be successful in the singing world?

Kat has been in the media headlines a lot lately, with the cancelling of her reality show and second break-up with fiance Jesse James, there is a lot of talk going around about the artist. Perhaps this is the inspiration behind her sudden desire to be a singer, or maybe it's her love for music. Either way, I don't know if she's cut out for this scene. She's already busy with her shop and other priorities, and singing takes an unbelievable amount of time, dedication and patience, so I'm on the fence about her singing abilities. I've never heard her sing, but I'm skeptical.

However, Kat is very optimistic that she will make it as a singer as well, as she told Noisecreep:

I've been passionate about music all my life, she said. But passion aside, she also has experience. She revealed. I've been playing classical piano since I was six, so I understand the form. It will be fun to be able to translate a message.

According to Kat, her music is made up of dark and romantic songs, which is very expected of the Gothic-yet-elegant and feminine 29-year-old. H.I.M and Motley Crue (she is an ex of Nikki Sixx also) are two of her favorite bands, which means her main inspirations could've come from them as well. In fact, she has even performed with H.I.M before.

I don't know why all celebrities feel they have to wear the actor/actress, singer, television star hats etc. all at once. Why can't actors just be actors and singers just be singers? Do they not make enough money or receive enough attention and fame with just one, or do they truly desire and love it all? I think they should stick to one thing and put their all into that, as most singers are awful at acting, and vice versa. They should be satisfied with being blessed with one talent and not try to push it. Most people can't do any of these (I'm one of them!) and here these celebrities take advantage of the scene by trying to do everything. They should sit back and let the actors act, the singers sing, the artists draw, etc. I will be curious to hear what Kat has come up with, but I feel her passion and love for music should be kept in solely being a fan, as it is with myself. I'm not saying everyone should be like me, but let the professionals do the rocking Kat!

What do you think about this? Do you think she'll prove us all wrong or be buried in bad reviews?