Brothers Tristan and Colby Beach of the Clifton Park duo 'Ignis' stopped by the Q studios this week to discuss the release of their debut album and play a couple songs off it for us!

On January 9th, 2018 Ignis, a two piece band out of Clifton Park, release their debut full length album 'Face of Mars'. Q103 had the brothers, Tristan and Colby Beach, stop by to learn a little bit about the Capital Region band.

We talked about the two of them writing and recording the entire record themselves, both playing multiple instruments. Their song writing process including writing a full album versus releasing singles individually and how their record was written to tell a bigger story than just one song. We also talked about some of their influences which they represented on their 'Covers' EP and that you can definitely hear in their original music. Plus they played us a couple of tunes off the record!

Get to know Ignis and their music by checking out our interview with band above!