Nathan Grindal recently attended a televised dart tournament. In the mist of the viewing, several other spectators noticed Nathan's resemblance to Jesus Christ. In fact, many spectators began to chant "Jesus, Jesus". This interrupted the play of the tourney so bad that security was called.

The security guards, 6 bouncers to be exact, came over to escort Nathan out of the venue and to a nearby bar. He was told to watch the rest of the match at the bar and the event organizers even bought him a beer.

Nathan was such a hit that spectators were taking pictured with him after the event was over. Nathan claims he went dressed as himself, not Jesus, even though we wore a white, long sleeved top.

The Professional Darts Corporation said that "Grindal was removed from the premises in order to prevent his presence becoming a nuisance to the competitors"

Phil Taylor, one of those in the match that was interrupted, said of the incident "If I ever see Jesus again, I'll crucify him myself." (Yikes)

Here's the video from The Sun UK

(Digital Spy)