It is August 3rd and instead of my annual depressing blog post about how summer is almost gone I am trying to be positive by asking you "What was your favorite show of the summer so far?"

My favorite show of the summer is Rock'n Derby because it was the only one I could afford to go to because we carpooled.

I went to Rock'n Derby on day 2, it was a Saturday so I did not have to worry about getting up at 4:30 AM the next day.

Out of all the bands I saw perform on that day I found myself enjoying Halestorm the most and not just because they're awesome live.

The reason why I enjoyed Halestorm the most is because as they were playing I walked around and watched the audience reaction. I saw girls of all ages rocking out to Halestorm and it made me happy to see them jumping and dancing to a legit band rather then some 'recording artist' who doesn't write their own music, or play their own instruments and rely on auto-tunes to make them sound just like they do on the radio at live shows.

Although I found Halestorms performance to be inspiring my favorite moment from Rock'N Derby was this...

How often do you get to see a wrestling match spill out of the barn and onto the fair grounds?

And now because I can't resist, I would just like to remind you all that.....