Because Capcom raised the prize pool for Evo 2014, five of Japan's greatest fighting game players will all be attending the event's headlining Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament.

SRK reports that former Capcom community manager and fighting game activist Seth Killian announced that all five of Japan's "fighting game gods" will be in attendance at the Evo 2014 tourney. Killian, who founded the big tournament hints that these five players are just as likely to win the big prize pot as their American rivals. These five famous players include Sako of Team HORI, Nuki, Haitani and both Tokido and Daigo Umehara of Mad Catz. Tokido held second place in the Evo 2013 Super Street Fighter 4 tournament. Daigo Umehara won Evo's Street Fighter 4 bracket in 2010 and has landed in the top 10 every year since. These are some pretty top-tier fighters.

Since the Capcom Pro Tour has added a crisp $10,000 prize pot to this year's Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament, it should be no surprise that five best Street Fighter 4 players of Japan are all seeking to win. The 2014 Evolution Championship Series will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 11-13. While we don't want to complain about balance in fighting games, we should note that Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released in Japan almost two months before the North American release, which is June 3.