It's only right that the Evolution Championship Series be held in Las Vegas given this massive addition to its worldwide Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament purse.

Capcom Pro Tour has announced that it will be adding a crisp bonus of $10,000 to the prize pool of 2014 Evolution Championship Series' Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. While the Evo tournament has had its own prizes, such as worldwide acclaim, potential sponsorship by fighting stick manufacturers and a cash prize, we're glad to see that Capcom cares about and contributes to the community that has grown from its games.

The Capcom Pro Tour is a worldwide tournament consisting of multiple ranked tournaments in real life, online tournaments and premier events to create a year-round fighting game league which ends with its own Capcom Cup grand finals. This year's Evo will be integrating the Pro Tour ranking system to help finalize its top eight players to participate in the Evo 2014 Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. Be sure to watch Twitch broadcast gameplay from these tournaments since it has partnered with Capcom to create the Pro Tour.

The Evolution Championship Series will be held on July 11-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With such a large cash prize, we have a feeling Daigo Umehara will be making a triumphant return to the scene he dominated for nearly a decade.