In the modern age of technology, many people use their credit or debt card for almost all their purchases. Nothing is worse then having that card go missing and seeing that someone else is using it.

Typically a thief would go on a huge spending spree with TVs, video games, and other high prices items - but not this guy from Florida.

No, he decided to go on a very low-budget shopping spree with stops at McDonald's, Walmart, and a few gas stations in between.

Anthony Riccardi was arrested after a four day spree racking up nearly a $1000 in charges on the card he stole. He is now facing multiple charges of fraudulent, illegal use of a credit card.

Riccardi is accused of breaking in to the victim's house, which his mother is a neighbor of, and stealing the car. Riccardi's mother, when asked by police during their investigation, responded with:

(He) would do something like this.

So exactly did he buy?

Floor jacks, tools, bandages, antifreeze, a $100 Visa gift card, and according to police reports "Heineken’s and cigarettes.”

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