I would hate to be this chick’s grandchildren on Christmas. Casey Jenkins is a female performance artist in Melbourne, Australia who is knitting things out of yarn from within her lady parts.

Ms Jenkin’s latest performance piece is called “Casting off my womb” and the premise is pretty simple. Basically she sits pants-less and finds a unique way to hold her yarn as she knits.

“I’m spending 28 days knitting from wool I’ve inserted inside my vagina. Every day I take a new skin of wool that’s been wound so it will unravel form the center and I stick it up inside me and then I pull out the thread and then knit.”- Casey Jenkins

This is just typical Australian behavior. That place is filled with marsupials with pouches so why would the women be any different? I’m not saying Australian women are exactly like a kangaroos. That would be ridiculous, because unlike the kangaroo women can move both legs separately.