A huge congrats to VARA Firearm Security for winning this week's Work Day Distraction!!! A firearms security company (dealing with some heavy duty weapons), they also share a warehouse with wood-workers and knife-builders.  In fact, the front half of the warehouse is taken up by 'Halfmoon Works,' a company who's mission is not just to make beautiful wood products but also to employ and create workforce opportunities for young adults with special needs.  It was a great group of people to crash today, and a huge thanks to Christine for nominating the warehouse!

Lou- the workplace mascot!

I initially entered what seemed like an empty warehouse, and walked through rows of wood-working tools, until I encountered Lou, the workplace mascot!  From there, I got a glimpse at organized and separated work spaces of people crafting all types of things- most interestingly, knives!  Everyone gathered around as I got to give away T-shirts, CD's, and tickets to everything from Zoso- the Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience- to the 'Canopy Tour Zipline'!  Don't miss out on having your workplace win, just enter at our simple online nomination form!