With 5 days to go to pay off a Super Bowl bet, Zane gives up and shaves off his moustache.  He claims it was a good reason, the rest of the show doesnt.

[/caption]Zane- The Jets lost, the bet was to grow a moustache.  The rest of the show did!  Did you think that just because your wife wanted a first communion picture without the stash, you decided to do as your wife commands without repercussion?(can you say whipped?).  Not the 4 other guys in the trench with you. Not the thousands of listeners across the Free Beer & Hot Wings syndication empire.  5 days early no less.  What did you think? No payoff? Its radio 101.

Now it's show code, the payoff will be different, and probably lots of humilation too! The listeners have chimed in.  On Friday the bet ends - Hot Wings, Steve & Joe will shave off their moustaches.  A big mound of shaved hair will sit before you.  Glue will be applied to your face and the hair will be attached to your face.  A suggestion to go to a bus stop and ask for Moustache rides seems appropriate and quite funny.  But you let the show down, more humilation must occur!

Perhaps you need to grow a mullet too.  Good stuff Zane, there's always something.  Let me bring you a line!  ~rob