My guess is about 90% of those who have Internet access in this world like to sit back and watch videos on the ever-so famous YouTube site. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about it is that it's free. Well that might all change some time this year as the Google Inc.-owned company is planning to implement paid subscriptions in order to view the content. Would you be willing to pay to watch videos?

Don't panic- the subscription is inexpensive and not mandatory. The site will pick and choose what material will be available for free and what will cost you the change in your pocket.

According to a report, the monetary plan could go into action by spring and specific types of videos will cost between $1-5 per month to view. What videos are included? Mostly new  content, including video game networks. Basically if you will benefit from the information in the video, it will now come at a price.

Apparently YouTube has been formulating and hinting at this plan for awhile now, the article states:

YouTube boss Salar Kamangar told Reuters in June that there was strong demand among certain YouTube video producers, such as video game networks, to offer fee-based programs.


They have such a big audiences that they can start to segment their audiences into those that are willing to pay a higher amount for things like new gaming tricks.


He also said that cable channels with small audiences could potentially be offered to consumers through YouTube on an "a la carte" basis.


Currently YouTube makes its proceeds via the advertisements on the website and those that are shown before the actual video. We all find them annoying but will those who pay for videos be spared the ads? Will all content eventually have to be paid for?


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