If you enjoy beer than it turns out that all that drinking may not be in vein because as it turns out there are actually health benefits from drinking a cold one, or 30.

How many times have you been told when drinking beer that you are doing damage to your body?  Well turns out while you were doing keg stands you were also benefiting your body. A new article from Yahoo Health actually finds that you get health benefits from consuming beer.  Mind you, they aren't saying to start binge drinking or anything but there are a few very cool health boosters.

The fact of the matter is, beer can actually help give you stronger bones, a stronger heart, boost brain health  and even reduce your risk of cancer.  That's right.  One can of beer per day will give you these benefits and more.  So pass me a PBR, becasue I'm being healthy.  Check out all the health benefits of beer over on the Yahoo page.