Young Guns have had a very successful 2013 thus far. Their American debut single, and title track to their second album, "Bones" went number one on the Active Rock radio charts and they continue to rock more and more crowd around the country. The band hasn't had much of a break but they took a couple of minutes to sit down and talk about everything from the success to even bad British accents at Rock on the Range.

For whatever reason, we here in America love to try to attempt a British accent and more times than not, we fail. I for one am guilty of doing this. Young Guns have actually been having some fun with this by making their attempt at a bad American accent. You can hear it below in the interview but they guys had this to say

(Gus) I don't think we've heard a good British accent and every time someone tries it, they use the word muffin in it.


(Ben) Everyone's idea of a British accent is very posh, 'Oh Hello'. Really it's like 'Alright mate, hows it going?'

The band's seconds album, which is their American debut, "Bones" has already finished it's cycle in England releasing five singles. Here in America, the band is only on their second, "Towers", which is the follow to the title track of the album. I asked how they feel about the fact that they have to wait to write and release a new album as America is just now getting to hear "Bones".

(Gus) It's kinda killing us a little bit. We are itching to write new music but the great thing about coming to a new country and starting again - it does keep you hungry. Although we've been playing these songs for a while now, there are new audiences to play them to and that's what makes a good show and makes us feel alive.

The band is out on the road with Halestorm for the first time and Arejay Hale, drums, is usually the joker on the road having fun and playing pranks

(Ben) He's one of those guys that within three minutes of arriving he's introducing himself, making jokes. He's one of those guys that's so kind, really genuine nice person and one of the best drummers I've every seen.

Speaking of touring, the band has been on the road in the states since September and haven't had that much time off.

(Ben) We've been home two weeks since then really.


(Gus) But we're happy. We'll sleep when we're dead. It's tough but we're doing something we love and they get that.

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