The other night I was watching the show 'What Would You Do' on ABC.  One of the topics they covered had to do with pressuring people into 'sexting'.  That got me thinking, who would take part in that? 

'What Would You Do?' is a great show.  They put regular people, is sometimes very awkward situations.  So will someone either, not do anything, do the right thing, or do the wrong thing?  It's always an interesting outcome.

On Fridays show, they had teenage girls (really actors) sitting near people asking if they should send naked photos to their boyfriends.  Pretty much everyone, except one guy (creep), told them not to do it.  In another scenario it was the boyfriend sitting with the girl pressuring her into sending. The majority of people didn't like that, but who's going to side with an asshole, and not a seemingly helpless girl?

It was a great social experiment, and it made me realize that an awful lot of people take part in this.  It seems like every week we are taking about another celebrity having leaked nude cellphone picture. I will say this.  If you're going to do it, be very careful.  Once you hit the send button, there is no going back, and those pictures can end up anywhere.