In the 80's music videos were all the rage, and with some of the good came some of the bad and with those came some that were even worse.

For some of the younger generation out there, music videos have kind of disappeared.  I remember when I was a kid rushing home to catch the Headbangers Ball and TRL.  Music videos were awesome.  They told a story and put images to the music you loved.  However sometimes music videos aren't so thought out and turn out for the worst.  Those are the videos I would like to highlight.  So get prepared because this could get pretty ugly; literally.

10. Godsmack - I Stand Alone

Now let me start off by saying that I love this band and I love this song. One of Godsmacks best, but this video is pretty ridiculous. Now it was the song for the movie "The Scorpion King" which was also pretty terrible. Whenever you make a song for a movie the video turns out pretty bad. We have Sully on some sort of epic quest where he comes toe to toe with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Like I said before, ridiculous.

9. Aerosmith - Pink

Where do I begin with this one? Not one of Aerosmiths better songs and the video doesn't help it at all. You have body switching goign on and I'm pretty sure Steven Tyler is wearing a dress half the time.  I love Aerosmith, but damn, this is bad.

8. Judas Priest - Turbo Lover

If you are looking for the most un-metal, metal video of all time than look no further than this one. What were they thinking with this? Crazy animation mixed with electronic sounds. Barf. I feel like they may have gotten a little lazy with this one. Thank god they bounced back with "Ram it Down" and "Painkiller".

7. Asia - Heat Of The Moment

It's Asia, what were you expecting? Horrible effects and it makes me wonder if these guys even knew that a video was even being shot.

6. John Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

This is back when they were trying to market John Mellencamp, or John Cougar, or John Cougar Mellencamp as a bad boy rocker. Obviously it didn't work out so they gave him a white t-shirt and blue jeans and everything was fine. Look at the people in the background too, where did they cast for this video?

5. U2 - Numb

I mean this is a pretty bad song to begin with and you mix that in with way to much Edge face and some total weirdness going on all around it. On a separate note, does Edge ever not where that hat? I wonder if he showers in it.

4. Twisted Sister - Leader Of The Pack

Remember when Twisted Sister was pumping their fists with rebellious anthems and kicking the crap out of Neidermyer? Well that all went out the window and they decided to not only cover a lame song from the 60's, but make an even worse video for it to boot. Dee Snider is such a bad ass rocker but him in an all white suite singing in front of fire is not his thing. I was half expecting him to ride off on a Unicorn instead of a motorcycle at the end of this one.

3. Billy Squier - Rock Me

I guessing Billy must have just got done watching "Flashdance" before shooting this video. What a hot pile of garbage. I mean if it's a hot chikc rolling around on the ground dancing like a fool, that's fine. However in this video we have the pleasure of watching Mr. Squier do it.

2. Mick Jagger & David Bowie - Dancing In The Street

Who allowed this to happen? This one is epically bad. I'm actually surprised these two didn't start making out with each other halfway through. These two monumental rock stars dancing around like a bunch of idiots. Someone should have informed them that white people can't dance and that goes double for British white people.  I love how Mick takes a break to drink some soda, or at least it looks like soda, halfway through.

1. Journey - Separate Ways

Journey has made their fair share of bad music videos but this one takes the cake. I love the air instruments in the beginning of the video. Have you ever seen a keyboard played with that kind of intensity? I remember the first time I ever saw this one. I had no idea who Journey was but I knew I needed to see more stuff by them. I wish I could find that sweet fooseball shirt that the drummer has on. Journey looks like a bunch of creepers too. Those are the kind of guys that probably smell like feet and hang out on the wall of the bar staring just a bit to long.

So there you have it, number one all time. If I left any off that you would want to add let me know because I know there are more.