A Virginia couple is in trouble for child abuse after it was discovered they had sealed their children in a room.

What goes through peoples heads sometimes?  How many of you parents out there have been sitting home watching TV, or on the phone and your kids are running around like a bunch of lunatics, as kids do.  You have probably thought to yourself, "man it would be great if I could just put them in a room and get some peace and quiet".  How many of you would actually do that?  The answer is hopefully none.  In Virginia however one couple did just that, and are now in big trouble.

33 year old John Michael Robey and his 26 year old girlfriend Christina Moore decided to not just lock their kids in their room, but seal them in there with drywall.  They put their 3 daughters in the room, the oldest was 4 and the youngest was just 2 months.  Now I'm not sure how but the 4 year old is very smart and obviously didn't get it from either one of these idiots.  She managed to escape and run over to a neighbors house to get help. The police showed up and the children are now in protective custody.  The authorities say that the girls weren't in the room for more than 24 hours and were physically unharmed.

Just more proof that some people should just not be allowed to procreate.  This isn't the first time that Moore is  in trouble for child abuse.  She also has twin sons who were taken away from her when they were found wandering around a landfill at just 22 months old, that was back in 2005.  I guess she didn't learn her lesson.  I can't believe this woman has 5 children to begin with.  Look at her face.  Hit by a truck much?

So take note parents; if you are about to lose it with your kids don't seal them in a room but instead maybe just take a step back, breath and realize that they may be a pain in the neck now but someday you're going to need someone to take care of you when you get old and when they are wiping ass that my friend is sweet pay back.