British rockers Young Guns were nice enough to stop by the studio before their show in Clifton park so I was nice enough to whip out my web cam and entertain their needs.

I have met these gentlemen a few months prior to this interview so I wanted to mix things up. The best thing I could think of to keep this interview from getting bland was to introduce an endless supply of milky thighs and hard units to the mix. Chatroulette seemd like a good idea at the time so i whipped out the web came and we added a visual audience to the session. Things get interesting as Gustav Wood, Fraser Taylor and John Taylor try to carry on with the interview and acoustic session while dudes from around the country try to light fires in their laps the old woodsmen way.

“… Pair f blue underwear with something giant sticking out of the middle…I’m jealous”

“I don’t want to be some guys inspiration”

“It’s so explicit I don’t even know where to begin”