The holiday season is a time where people reach into their heart and give to those who are less fortunate. Reaching into your heart in a metaphorical sense is one thing, but what about reaching into your body for a literal organ?

According to NBC news in Miami, a woman in search of a new kidney found luck with a donor by searching on Craig's List. Normally this is the place where you find someones old rocking chair, Nintendo 64, or more in cases than not, a strong handed transvestite willing to give you full body hot oil rub with the ultimate release…ugh I mean RELIEF! So why is it so strange that someone took advantage of this website to help prolong their life and find the parts they needed to live on?

My only issue with this crags list kidney exchange is that it appears that the donor accepted no compensation for her efforts. Only the fulfillment and joy in knowing she helped someone in need. Poppy Cock! I see this kidney donor as a dope! This whole organ trading is an untapped market. Now more than ever is it easy for us to market the body parts we are not using. I for one see a business opportunity in Craig's List body harvesting and I want a piece, I want it so bad I can taste the iodine coated flesh now.

Take my kidney, I don’t need it. You know what I do need? An Xbox connect with 5 year online play subscription. Lungs? How greedy of me to want both. The left I’d be willing to part with for the new iPad. And what’s that you say? You need a liver? Well lets get to Chef Robert Irvine in here to fillet mine up and spread the wealth. I even knock off a few bucks because of all the abuse I have put it threw. With this liver I plan on putting a down payment on my new timeshare in Dubai.

Think of the advantages of the new system of selling your organs, never again will people complain about being unemployed or having to rely on government money. You have two of something? Sell it off and live like a king! A king with out a kidney, but a king none the less!