You can con anyone on the net in to giving you money for next to anything.

Case and point, there's an American website where women can get complete strangers to fund their breast enlargement surgery. Yes, it's real!

Such as it was for British Undertaker Gemini Smith. She claimed her 34A cup made her look like a '12-year-old boy' and she fell in to a deep depression. That all changed thanks to

Smith signed up and raised over $6,000 to put towards the implant surgery. She is now a 34DD.

I always said I wanted a boob job but when I got a job I couldn’t save up the kind of money needed in the timescale I wanted because I was so desperate

Users can chat with those asking for money via webchats and share photos. Smith says she didn't do anything that she didn't want to:

It’s more like a social network. Because of the nature of what you are wanting done people expect you, or want you, to show something or do something.

Personally I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to for money, I just said if you are going to help me and talk to me then it’s because you like me for me.