I never really thought about what weapon I would prefer to be murdered by until now, but I think DD breast might be in my 10.

 Mirror.co is reporting a 33 year old Franziska Hansen of Germany has been arrested for attempted murder of her lawyer boyfriend. Her weapon of choice was her double D Gazongas which she allegedly used to try and suffocate her boyfriend. It’s also reported that she admitted over the phone to her boyfriend to trying to kill him with her pillow cannons because

 “wanted to make your death as pleasurable as possible”-FH

It’s not a matter of “if” but "when" I am murdered I want to be certain I go out like a man and in a way people would be proud to talk about. If I some how don’t die at the age of 64 experimenting with hardcore drugs and high end prostitutes then I want to be sure my murder is something badass. I use to think being eaten by a tiger shark that mutated and grew legs would be the way. Then I thought bludgeoned to death by a rampaging bull in a fireworks warehouse might be nice. however, after reading this story I’m certain I'd like to either go suffocating on the breast of Megan fox or chocking on Scarlett Johansson.