With the many various ways to stop smoking - the patch, the gum, cold turkey, etc - some people need to go to the extremes to quit. One woman in California went above and beyond in her attempts to quit so much so that she slapped a cop.

In California, the jails are smoke free and the inmates are encouraged to stop the habit by being given kits with gum and straws in them. This seemed like the only solution for Etta Lopez.

The 31-year-old woman walked up to Sacramento County Deputy Matt Campoy as he was leaving the jail. Etta got in the face of the Deputy and even slapped him (talk about a rough day at work for Mr. Campoy).

Campoy arrested Etta and handcuffed her. Once in cuffs, she admitted she slapped the Deputy because "she needed to quit smoking." She even went as far as to sit outside the jail for hours in order to find a Deputy to slap so she could be thrown in jail.

So she is sitting in jail on the taxpayers dollar so she could "quit smoking." Yep, let that soak in folks.