Let's face facts ladies, you can sometime over react to certain things in life and for that you drive us guys crazy. An Arizona woman ran down her husband with the family car for failing to vote in the presidential election. I think it's safe to say the marriage is over.

Holly Solomon didn't want Barrack Obama to get re-elected over Mitt Romney. According The AP, Holly became enraged once she found out her husband didn't make it to the polls on November 6th.

The couple were in a parking lot when she found this and began to chase her husband with their SUV. She eventually caught up with him, knocking him down and pinning him under the car. Holly told police she was just trying to "scare him and accidentally hit the accelerator."

She was arrested for aggrevated assualt. No word on a possible divorce or if her husband has forgiven her for the "moment of insanity".