I've had way less annoying people on planes with me than this chick, and still wished for them to get sucked out a vacuum caused by a faulty door latch.

This woman is clearly not ready to except death, no matter how much she believes in the almighty. I don’t know what equation she is solving in her head, but the answer appears to be “God, you’re my savior to the fourth power repeating.” Sure, most people would love to just mind their own business and get this flight over with, but this chick seems to have watched “Final Destination” one too many times and wants the entire plane to know about it. God may be her savior, but he clearly hates everyone else on that plane since he won’t make her shut the F up.

I need to give a shout out and thank you to the dude who filmed this video against the wishes of the flight attendants, who most certainly asked him to turn off all electronically devices as the aircraft is reaching it’s final descent. The fact that that cell phones didn’t disrupt the planes landing is a miracle and I think we actually owe this woman, and thank you for catching God's attention to help make this video possible.