In a story that isn't nearly as cruel as it sounds, a woman in Plattsburgh, NY took a cat for a ride. The only problem was that she didn't know it until it had spent over 100 miles stuck to the car bumper.

Driving at night, Stacey Pulsifer had heard cat-like sounds coming from the vehicle, but had no idea where they were coming from. Upon stopping, she and two friends found the critter stuck in the bumper after spending what is thought to be around 22 hours in it.

The cat has since been adopted by Pulsifer and named Pumpkin who, unfortunately, suffered a broken paw and will need to have her front leg amputated as she gets older.

My first reaction to this situation is an obvious one: why would you not stop your car earlier if you heard it meowing? I'm not mechanic or anything, but when a car meows there is definitely something amiss with it.

Also, is the cat going to be mean to her since she essentially cost Pumpkin a leg by ignoring her meowing car? I would scratch the living daylights out of someone who turned me into a tripod cat if I were a feline.