Insert Finding Nemo jokes (here). All kidding aside, two snow storms could come-a- barreling on in Friday morning, which could net us up to a foot and a half of snow. That, of course, depends on who you're getting your weather info from.

Personally, I stick with Channel 10- I'm local all day. Here's what they are saying as of now:

'As that coastal low pulls away from the area, it will potentially draw in some snow. However, there are a lot of uncertainties about this storm and it's too early to talk about any accumulations...but there is an increasing likelihood of an accumulating snow event for the day.'


The TU is saying we could see 6-10 inches of sleet, snow and freezing rain (which would arrive Friday morning and go into Saturday) with the heaviest of the snow east of the Albany Area.

The Weather Channel is calling for 6-12 inches (locally) saying Boston could see close to 2ft. TWC also decided to name the storm: Cute fish and Mother Nature's February spawn will now be known as Nemo.

Again, insert witty joke (here).

Here's my forecast:

'Wait till Friday morning ;-)'


Get your shovels ready!