I can’t believe I’m saying that. For the past 2 months, I cringed every time I saw a promo for Wilfred. And it would make me dislike it more and more as FX continuously ran promos for this guy with a British accent dressed up in a mascot like dog outfit. Well, somehow I ended up giving it chance last week.

 And I not only thought it was comical, but very interesting as well. Is it similar to Family Guy as it has a talking dog? Yes, and even more so with the fact the Wilfred’s owner can’t hear him talk, but only the neighbor (like Stewie). But hey, I love Family Guy! So why wouldn’t I like it?

This dog is pretty funny too. He drinks beer and smokes cigarettes and dubes. What’s interesting is about the show is and that gives you the insight to and the instinctual behavior of a dog and his trust with others other than his/her owner. Oh yeah, Wilfred is quite foul mouthed too. So do not let your children watch this show. It’s a shame how many parents let young children watch Family Guy and other perverse shows just because they’re cartoons. Yes, Wilfred may be something that kids are attracted to because he’s in that goofy dog outfit, but it is simply not for children. After watching the 2nd episode of it last night, this kid is sold as I laughed hysterically all through it. It is probably more interesting to those who have, or have had a dog(s), but should be appreciated my most. Catch Wilfred Thursday nights at 10pm on FX.