So we kinda just jumped into this whole “sex and relationship advice from some random chick none of us has ever heard of” thing, didn't we? And then when I was referred to as Q103's “resident sexpert,” you were probably all, “Wait … what? How does someone even get that title?” But we had important football sexy time info to impart and you needed it STAT!

Don't worry! I'm not about to blather on about PhDs and other boring qualifications most mainstream sexologists spew at you and put in their bios. I mean, a degree in human sexuality is great, but it can only get you so far. To really understand sex and relationships, one must have experience. <em>Lots</em> of experience.

I've got lots of experience. With men and women. Like, “I've long since forgotten the who and where, but will never forget the what” experience. The stories would make your toes curl. In a good way.

I'm perfectly comfortable telling you that because, as far as I'm concerned, so long as you're responsible about it, and don't screw anyone over, there's really nothing wrong with promiscuity. In spite of the amount of money Dr. Drew's made trying to convince us otherwise, screwing a lot doesn't make you a sex addict; or a bad person, for that matter. Humans aren't the only animals who enjoy trying to procreate.

If you haven't figured it out yet, this isn't your momma's sex column. I’m under 40 and I’m from the neighborhood. And being in touch with my sexuality gives me the ability to look at things from both sides of the equation.

I’ve had my share (and probably your share and the share of the guy next to you) of one night stands. I’ve had more than my share of bad break-ups and they say you learn by doing... I’ve been doing, learning and sharing it on blogs and forums around the web since 2005.

In addition to all the sex and relationships I've had, I test and review sex toys, and I do much more than just turn them on. I read the reviews and sex blogs of other reviewers with a voracity most people save for chocolate cake. I work for an adult retailer and edit their sex news column. Bottom line: I spend a lot of time around a lot of people who spend a lot of time talking about sex.

I don't pull any punches, and often my advice will be simple, common sense, but sometimes you have to hear it from someone else before you get it right. So I'm here to be that someone else. We're gonna have a blast.