I’ll tell you who’s hot… Me! I may have been in Florida, but I didn’t take a vacation from picking basketball games. And with the NBA playoffs around the corner and conference tourneys taking place in college there is a lot of action out there. Now let’s see what’s happening and check out the forecast for tonight!

In the Big East Tournament, it’s always been about who’s on a roll, and right now Uconn and Marquette got it going on. I say you ride both of those teams until they end up playing each other. Unfortunately I didn’t write this in time to advise you to take Connecticut earlier today when Kemba Walker brought Gary McGee to his knees to hit the game winning shot (watch the video below, it’s great.) But there’s still time to jump on Marquette +3.5 vs. Louisville tonight. Also, there is definitely something funny with the Notre Dame spread as they only opened as a 2 point favorite over a not so attractive Cincinnati team. That makes absolutely no sense to me. If I was looking to get even action I would have made the Irish favored by 5 or so. This smells like fish to me, so I will hold my nose and go the other way with the Bearcats who are now getting 3 points.

In the NBA, let’s go with the Miami Heat. No, that was not a misprint. I am seriously taking the Heat this evening. First off, even though Miami can’t beat any of the good teams, the one good team they did beat was the Lakers on Christmas Day. I sense that they are a bad match up for the Los Angeles. Secondly, this will be the first time that they are an underdog and home and expected to lose. Being an underdog brings a whole new mentality. And finally, if Miami can knock off the two-time defending champion Lakers on national TV tonight, that will make up for all those other losses.

Oh yeah! How about them Knicks? Hey, as long as they’re playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, they’re winning! Amazing, they have been doing this without Chauncey Billups too. Since they’ve made the big trade they are 4-0 vs. the spread and 3-1 straight up as underdogs. So let’s go Knickerbockers!


Marquette +3.5

Cincinnati +3

Heat +1.5

Knix +5

Good luck and for up to date lines check out scores and odds.