Aflac is looking for a new voice for their duck mascot after actor Gilbert Gottfried was fired.  If you think you could make a great duck then Aflac is looking for you. 

Gilbert Gottfried couldn't wait more than a day after the disaster in Japan before telling a Tsunami joke and that got him fired from his job as the Aflac duck.

Perhaps Gilbert should have done a little research on who Aflac does business with. If he did, he would have found 70% of Aflac customers live in Japan. Well, his loss could be your gain.

Aflac is looking for a new voice for their duck. Not a Gilbert impersonator, a different fresh voice to lead the duck into the next year and beyond. If you are interested in auditioning head to the company's Aflac duck’s Facebook page or for information on trying out for the role. Good luck. And feel free to practice your best Aflac on strangers before you submit your demo.... It's fun and safer than jumping through a car's sunroof....