Well for starters, Ace Frehley is NOT in the band, and neither is that little monkey, but the other guy is.

In my own view, from just listening to and watching videos of Hell Yeah it’s hard not to imagine that these guys could be anything but just a great time to be around as it seems that they just want to party and rock out!

 From the first time I heard “Hell of a Time” I just got a great vibe and wanted to go out and rip it up! Mixing up some slide guitar with a few “Jig-Jigs”, some good time lyrics and the sound of that beer cracking gives it a nice Down-Home feel that would make it hard for anyone not to like.

 Then, I found out they were a Super-group consisting of Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne, Tom Maxwell of Nothingface, Bob Zilla of Damageplan and Vinnie Paul also of Damageplan and of course… Pantera! I don’t know how this band slipped through the cracks with me, but sadly they did as they already released a first cd in 2007.

 The band says that their sophomore effort “Stampede” is a more polished sound, as the first time around they weren’t that familiar with each other, but playing, and just time spent together has brought more of a bond with the band and the music.

 Here’s some news for you. Make sure you’re locked into Q103 on Friday afternoon, because we are going to have a member from each of the bands on the Jagermeister tour in the studio. I’m really hoping they bring a couple acoustics and hopefully we could get a performance from a Super-group inside a Super-group. Now that would really rock!